The Date is Set..

I can’t believe I’v made it this far to be honest! The work hasn’t stopped at creating a painting a day. In fact it feels like the real work is happening now. Sourcing venues for the exhibition, marketing, layout for the catalogue, ordering print runs, all takes a lot of time.

Then theres varnishing the paintings and painting and gilding 31 frames still to do. I may have taken on a bit to much with the last one.. It’s going to be a few late nights I think. I’m still waiting on the last batch of frames to arrive from the framers. With two weeks in till the exhibition opens I hope they get here soon.

All in all though the whole experience has been immensely rewarding so far. I would certainly recommend it to any artist of any level to set them selfs a painting a day challenge. The main reward is by working every day on a new piece. Trying to bring it to an expectable finish with in the shortest time frame. You should find, as I did, That the lessons learnt from the day before feeds into the next. You skills become more fluid. Painting starts to become second nature. I believe only then can the artist truly get there message across. The rest of the time we are just trying to learn skills.

All though I’m enjoying all that is involved with putting on my first exhibition I can not wait in till all the prep is over and I can get painting again. Theres so much more I would like to achieve and new directions that as yet I’v only glimpsed. The 31 day challenge has scratched the surface. Now I want to delve deeper and expand on what has begun.

If anyones around Chelsea from 12 – 18  March the 31 paintings will be on display at Chelsea Library. Entrance is free sand the gallery in the library is open from 9.30 – 8.00  Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. 9.30 – 5.00  Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and 1.00 – 5.00  Sunday.





#26 onions

Onions all ways bring to mind still life’s of old. I think it’s there loverly earthy colours so comparable with the Zorn pallet. The glob form is also a pleasure to paint along with the different textures found in and around this humble Allium.

#16 Primulars

10×10 cm, oil on gesso panel

Love this set up. This teeny tiny glass tankard belonged to my grandma. I am finding I am far more compelled to paint objects of age. I wonder at what their stories are. What they may have witnessed form high up dusty self’s. The fortune they must posses to have lasted despite there apparent fragility. I think I may be outside the trend on this. Is it wrong to want to make paintings that look like they come for the past?