#15 Primulars by the Window

oil on canvas board, 13×18 cm

These little primulars bring a promise of Spring. Nicely complemented by the sun making an appearance.


#14 Cyclamen Coum

30×30 cm oil on canvas board

Cyclamen Coum are fantastic models. They hold there little bonnets high above there spinning saucer leaves, on stems not much thicker than thread. The buds are as winding snake heads lured out of the earth by a charmers pugi.

#11 Grey Day Jubilee Bridge

18×13 cm, oil on canvas board

I was in London for the day to attend a talk on the business of art at the Mall galleries. I packed the little pochde box and undeterred by the weather made this little sketch from the Jubilee Bridge looking towards St. Paul’s and the Shard. Didn’t have long on it as had to go. Hope to go back and paint in London again soon.