Hi Folks,

Welcome to ‘a painters diary’ blog. Set up by me, Emma Perring, to record the painting a day challenge I have set myself for January.

Yep, thats 31 days and 31 paintings. Yikes!

I have become increasingly interested in the ‘a painting a day’ movement. A few of the favourite artist I follow on various social media platforms are daily painters. I have watched their progress with admiration and delight.

As it’s the start of a brand new year it seems the perfect time for such a challenge. Which I hope will kick off the year in the right direction.

So, one month, a completely finished painting a day. Whatever time slot I have available, What ever state the paintings in, I’ll be posting the results for that day, every day, right here on this blog.


The Rules:

1. One painting per day for 31 days. Painted anytime within the 24 hours.

2.  All paintings must be made from life not photo reference.

3.  Max canvas size:  30cm   –    Min canvas size:   Absolutely tiny

Although I am a firm believer rules are made to be broken on this occasion I will look upon these as commandments and abide.


‘But why’ you may ask?

As an exercise in discipline, to try to improve skill levels, to become a more efficient rapid, Alla Prima painter, to eliminate precious and timid painting, to explore concepts and techniques in a linea progression, to produce an interesting body of work.. hopefully.

I am hoping these little painted Couplets will come together to create a daily diary of pictorial whimsy from me, a painter, for the month of January 2018.


The end Goal:

I hope to find a space to exhibit the collection. To see each days entries displayed consecutively all together feels like an exciting conclusion to this project.

If you’d like to find out a little more you can visit my website.



Happy new year.. Now lets get painting!